Prairie Industries, an emerging name in liquid contract packaging, meets and exceeds your packaging needs with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

Liquid Packaging

We go the extra mile to ensure that you, the customer, are without a doubt satisfied.

Believe it when we say Prairie Industries is flexible to meet any customer requests. We take great pride in offering an unbounded number of packaging options custom tailored to fit any volume requirement.

"Deliver the highest quality package", it is no coincidence that quality is first in our mission statement, because it is also first in the hearts and minds of each and every employee within the corporation ."

Humidity Control Packs

Prairie Industries has perfected the packaging of humidity control packs. These packs can be used for keeping cigars, wood, or other humid sensitive products preserved for longer periods of time.

The saturation level of certain salts in water naturally regulates the humidity in the immediate environment to a pre-specified relative humidity level. When placed in a container or package, the pack either emits or draws in moisture from the surrounding air, keeping your items at the optimal humidity level.

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