Retail Packaging

Blister Clamshell Bagging Sleeving Shrinkwrapping Die Cutting

Blister Packaging at Prairie Industries

Blister Packaging

Prairie Industries specializes in blister packaging. We currently produce over 40 million blister packs per year for our customers. We have nine blister machines, with a capacity for 85 million blisters per year.

Clamshell Packaging at Prairie Industries

Clamshell Packaging

Prairie Industries purchased a new, automated Alloyd clamshell sealing machine in 2007. This machine is capable of 6 million units annually.

Bagging at Prairie Industries and Nu-Pak


Prairie Industries has several small baggers that are capable of a variety of package styles. We also have a Renco Bagger that can run high volumes.

Shrinkwrapping and Finseal Wrapping at Prairie Industries

Sleeving & Shrinkwrapping

Sleeving and shrinkwrapping sample packs are very popular for trade shows and college sampling programs. We have several Doboy and Ulma machines that are capable of producing these finseal packs in large volumes. We also have a semi-automated shrink tunnel to handle any shrinkwrapping needs. Some of the products we shrinkwrap/finseal wrap are sponges, Dose n' Fill Kits, and Command hooks.

Die Cutting at Prairie Industries

Die Cutting

Prairie Industries offers a wide variety of die cutting options for our customers. We have some small traveling head presses for your small cutting needs. In addition, we have a 150 ton press that can handle large volume, bulk cutting needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your die cutting needs.

Retail Packaging

Retail Packaging

Blister & Clamshell Packaging, Bagging, Sleeving, Shrinkwrapping & Die Cutting.

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Liquid Packaging

Liquid Packaging

Our liquid packaging meets and exceeds your packaging needs with speed and accuracy.

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Display Building

Display Building

We are capable of filling any display assembly need you have, regardless of size or quantity.

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